Carin Ism

I work on governance innovation, on updating the tools available to distribute power and make/enforce decisions. I am the co-founder of How To Rule a World, a production company working to spread knowledge on power and governance models. I give talks on power and governance-related issues and offer advisory services to governments and IGOs. I am also faculty in the future of governance at the Nordic branch of Singularity U. Before this I was Director of Research at Bitnation where i delved deep into the civic tech space. Previous to this I was Executive Director of the Global Challenges Foundation.

If you do anything in the space of reimagining governance and power, do reach out. I am always interested in learning about new projects and perspectives.

Beyond this I am the chair of Effective Altruism Sweden and run a live-in hackerspace in Stockholm, devoted to grow the effective altruism community in the Nordics.

Lastly, when time allows, I make visual art where I explore de- and reconstruction in a most literal sense. You can take a look at it here.

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The future of energy

Fusion, wind turbines, cordlessness, distributed grids, and the 1.3 billion individuals living in darkness. A leading physicist joins us for an enlightening dinner where many aspects of the future of energy supply are expanded upon. A good opportunity to ask about if's of fission, the how's of fusion, and what goes on at ITER – the experimental fusion reactor currently being built in France.

Earlier Event: July 1
Longevity workshop