Carin Ism

I work on governance innovation, on updating the tools available to distribute power and make/enforce decisions. I am the Director of Research at Bitnation, where I direct the Bitnation Future Governance Expedition, I am faculty in the future of governance at the Nordic branch of Singularity U. Before that I was Executive Director of the Global Challenges Foundation, I give talks on power and governance-related issues and offer advisory services to governments and IGOs. I am the chairman of Effective Altruism Sweden and run a live-in hackerspace in Stockholm and one in Amsterdam, both heavily informed by effective altruism. My current work emphasises applications of emerging tools for governance, ranging from algorithmic regulation to the power of escrow/multisignatories, reputation systems and what needs to be in place to get distributed autonomous organisations to actually work. If you do anything in the space of reimagining governance and power, do reach out. I am always interested in learning about new projects and perspectives.

Beyond this, my brain tends to ideate far outside of these specific domains. Apparently, it is yet to receive the memo stating that people should act like siloed entities and simplistic brands. Sometimes I indulge in these impulses and create art, lamps and literature. I publish some of the results here.

9 things I did to make 9 years of digital nomadry successful

Growing up in the 90's, the promise of the internet was ever present. Surgeons would be operating remotely from sunset lit beaches, the global village would be a fact of life and our ties to a physical space would be weak and volontary. I started living this dream in the early 2000's, as I was commited to the one profession with a centrury long history of what we now know as digital nomadry – I wrote fictorion, and scavered the world for inspriation and isolation. The reason authos have a trackrecord of working far away from what has been prioviosly know as home is tied to the need to enter an alternative world, the one you're creating. A note pad and pen is even lighter tech than the thinnest of ipad and the solo nature of writing makes the team aspects unimportant. Beyond this, that trackrecor alone, knowing how many othes have left their surrouhndings to place themselves in cottages and off grid h0otelrooms creates a structure of pausibility